Friday, 17 July 2015


Well, actually I LIKE flat things. Some of them.

For instance flat treats are fine.

And flat leash is cool - since it means we are going for walkies.

I also like being a flat dog when it is too hot and I am tired (does not happen too often, I admit)

But what I REALLY HATE are the flat things which are impossible to be picked up from the ground.

Such as this one.

Playing with it is cool.

My PL throws it away and I run to fetch it and then we wrestle a little and Dorotka is hiding away since I usually tread on her in my excitement. That is all very fine.

EXCEPT when the flat thing falls on a flat surface.

Not only my snout gets almost grazed by me trying in vain to pick it up. I also look like idiot - and folks, I really hate looking stupid! I hit it with my paws which makes no difference. I would swear that thing is sniggering at me!

So, come on, my good PL, pick it up so that we can play again, OK?

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