Wednesday, 1 July 2015


To je on, bestie!

I knew it would happen one day.

And that terrible day was today.

I am no longer a spring chicken.

I am an old hag, my PL says.

Not sure what hag is but surely it is something terrible.

Here, can you see it?

My first WHITE HAIR!

Knírek je cool. Bílej chlup ne.
My silver moustache is fine, it is actually COOL.

But white hair, that is entirely different matter.

It is end of my glossy black days.

A few more months and I will look like a keeshound. Or worse - people will mistake me for arctic fox. Slovakian Cuvac. Samoyed even!

Not even a horny poodle will consider me attractive.

I am going to brood in my bed. Good night.

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