Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Are you surprised how complicated words I know?

Well, that's because this word is extremely important for all dog kind.

There are moments best suited for courageous actions!

Fortune favours the bold, they say.

Not sure if it means I should get fat, but if it does ... I am working on it!

Anyway, there are also moments (very frequent, actually), when you need to be inconspicuous.


Disappear in the shadows...

Stop breathing. In particular stop panting!

Sometimes I am so  inconspicuous that I am hardly there at all.

And then you SNATCH!!! and that treat/the remains of my PL's dinner/leftover yogurt/ cat's dinner/chocolate*/anything edible at all....is MINE.

And that's it, folks!

P.S. *) They say chocolate is poisonous for dogs. I am sure that cat's spread this rumour. I ate 50 g, our PL freaked out and called the vet and I was happy as a puppy with full tummy. No trouble at all!

P.P.S Dorotka is sometimes also inconspicuous. But she is doing it all wrong. There is zero chance some threat falls UNDER the sofa!

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