Thursday, 25 June 2015


More names you have, more dog you are.

Or something like that.

In which case I am MUCH MORE dog, since I have many names.

First, of course, I am Jenny.

I am also Loony.
I even answer to that.
Since I am really well behaved loony.

That is far from being all, though.

I am JennyDown very often.

It is probably an honorary title which you gain from moving in high society.
Or on high places.

I always wag my tail, when I am addressed like that, so that my PL knows how much I like my title.

She must be happy about the response, since she then usually repeats JennyDown a few more times.

Another common title is JennyStopIt.

It must be some kind of Academic Title, for sure.
StIt - Scientifically Intelligent.

That must be it, since my PL mostly uses this title to call me when I am inspecting something.

I am also sometimes called Scat!
Something to do with music, probably.

Or Heel!
I am a good healer, my PL always feels much better after I jumped on her head and licked her face a few times.

And last but not least, of course I am A GOOD GIRL.

Rarely called that, for some reason. I guess my PL does not to wear it off.
But deep down we both know, A GOOD GIRL, that´s me!

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