Thursday, 18 June 2015


My PL brought home something wonderfully enticingly crinkly.
Which, by all means, should be something delicious for little good dogs.

However, our PL was looking for Zachary, the tom cat, which raised alarm in my head: what if she wants to give that fantastic secret delicious thing TO HIM??!!

I took up a strategic stand (you will notice me or you will trip over me) and pulled my best "I am a little hungry doggie" face...

...and on this photo is captured the moment, I realised... was a DEWORMING PILL!

Ufff!! It was narrow escape!
Fortunately it WAS Zach, who got it in the end.

I must be a bit more careful when begging for something, without knowing what it is.
On the other hand - what if I miss something?
Life is full of these dilemmas, I can tell you!

There is a happy end today, though.
I got some milk!
I love milk!
And when I love something I gulp it.
And then I am milked all over.
Which is fine, since milk is GREAT.
AND it is good for your face!

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