Monday, 29 June 2015


Great day on Pack Lands.

I have a new mate!

He was playing with me and chasing me and cuddling me and telling me I am clever!

Which means he is very smart and charming person. And clever, too!

He taught me a new trick - first you put a TREAT on the ground.

Naturally, I go for it.

And then I am told LEAVE-IT.

That is not so good, since it means I mustn´t take it.

So I was practising LEAVE-IT and it was tough, I can tell you.

I fully deserved the two meat sticks I got as a reward ...and then we had a break.

During which I climbed on the armchair, from armchair I reached to the top of a fireplace, stole a package of meat sticks, which they put there, thinking it was out of my reach (since they forgot about the armchair..snigger, snigger)....and I ATE ALL EIGHTEEN remaining sticks.

As a reward for being so good in LEAVE-IT.

So now I know two commands, actually.

Leave-it and EAT-IT!

The second one I performed without any training, which proves how clever I am! Right?

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