Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I am a clever dog.

I hope there is no doubt about that.

Dumb dogs do not write blogs.

At least usually they don´t.

I think.

Anyway...there are things I just DO NOT GET.

For instance why water is so great when I splash in the puddle and it is such a bother when I am given a wash.

Why my PL cleans windows and I have to work hard to put all the nose marks back on them.
I can do it fast enough but still...instead of wasting time on windows, my PL could play with me, right?

Also I have no idea why my PL may pick cat poo from their litterboxes and I must not.
I would love to do it! For free! I would dedicate time for that, gladly!

Why my PL brings treats in plastic bags and then does not give them to me to play with.
I mean the plastic bags, not treats.
You don´t play with treats, you eat them.
The plastic bags, on the other hand, can be torn into tiny pieces which then stuck to my nose. It is such a fun! Why my PL says it is wrong?

Which brings me to the biggest mystery of all: how come that my PL loves me and still almost all things wich are fun are BANNED?!

Life is complicated.

I am determined to work it out, though. Depend on it!

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