Thursday, 11 June 2015


Sometimes you just feel like it...

Twice or three times a day, to be precise.
The best moment is when our PL is quietly reading or watching a movie.

Then both me and Dorotka will appear all of a sudden out of nowhere and we will start jumping and running around, wagging our tails, mock fighting with each other...basically we are teeming like a team!

It includes running on spot, whith hanging tongue and wagging tail.

Jumping and playful biting all the extremities within our reach.

Biting each others nose and ears, threading on our PL´s feet and trying to climb on her head.

Nagging cats is also included.

And then - when our PL is adequately drooled on and threaded on - we stop just as suddenly as we started, we go for a little nap and dream about next successful teeming of our pack.

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