Monday, 8 June 2015


There are two types of cats

The edible ones and the others.
Well, of course I do not eat the edible ones either.
I just pretend trying to.

What you do is running to the garden in a top speed and barking your head of. Cats are scared, they run away and it is a great fun.
My PL sometimes joins in too. She shouts "Stop it!" and "Shut up!" at the cats.
At least I assume she shouts at the cats, who else...
Only, thinking about it, I am a bit puzzled she asks them to "shut up", since they usualy do make much sound.

Anyway, the second kind of cats are our domestic ones.
You do not bark at them. Mostly. Unless they are ingoring you and don´t want to play.

I like to play with our cats.
I chase them, they run away and it is also great fun.

I am fond of cats.
Except of those moments, when they eat MY FOOD, which our PL left on the table FOR ME!
Or when they don´t want to play with me and they climb to some high place and glare DOWN at me.

One day I will show them!
I will climb on the kitchen cupboard and this time I will look DOWN to THEM.
I am already practising.

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