Friday, 26 June 2015


Or the other way round?

We have various approach in my pack.

Take Dorotka, for example.

She has her special hiding place.

Behind the sofa...
...inside the corner cupboard...
...on the shelf...
...there is a small dog bed...
...with Dorotka inside!

Sometimes I stuck my snout inside there, to check if she is not hording some treats there.
She does not.
And my PL always tells me off. She says I must respect one´s privacy.
As if there was any privacy when it comes to treats!

Anyway, MY dog beds are accessible to all.

For instance MY sofa.

And MY window sill.

My armchair.

My second armchair

My dog bed in living room...

And finally my dog bed in the lounge. I go to sleep in there when I want a bit of quiet. And privacy. So, I guess  my PL is right. We all need a little privacy every now and then.

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