Wednesday, 17 June 2015


So, first I was a puppy, of course.

I am sure I was cute and beautiful, although I don´t remember much about it. It might actually be for the best, since I am told it was a tough time anyway.

Then I was taken into the shelter. There I had many mates and I was their big pack boss. At least that is how I remember it.

When my PL picked me up there, I wasn´t entirely sure, what is happening. Therefore I played a REALLY GOOD dog on the way home in the car. Lying flat on her friend´s lap and not moving an ear.
That was the last time I was good dog, my PL says. She is only joking, of course!
                                 Then I went through the "hairy monster" stage.
See those ears? Cool, aren´t they!
It was my rebel period.
I was considering to have some piercing but then I threw a fit during vaccination and my PL explained to me, that piercing is even worse then a jab - so I reconsidered.
Eventually I grew up and became bewitchingly glossy black diva.
I was hoping for a movie career but only ever had two photos on which I did not look like a blurr. I was told two photos are not enough for a big Hollywood breakthrough. Oh well, their loss..

Then followed my deep mystical period - meditaion, immersion into your subconsciousness, pondering the meaning of life and universe and everything, you know what I mean. It lasted for about 15 minutes.

At last I decided to pursue a career in writting and since my PL mentioned it would do me good to become a GOOD DOG...this BLOG was founded. And this is how you know me - crazy and ingenious and obedient and not-so-obedient, majestic and playfull and overall REALLY BEAUTIFUL DOG!

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