Saturday, 2 May 2015


So, we went to Pack Land again.

And I can tell you, it was a torture!
So many tasty things around!
So much FOOD!!!

And do you think they gave me some?!
I was reduced to GRAZING GRASS!
I had to munch POTATO PEELINGS just to survive!

I applied my well developed look of a poor little hungry doggy.
Didn't work.
My PL has very tough friends.

So, I had no other choice but to take my fate into my own hands. Paws.

I ate a few not guarded muffins.
I overturned not guarded plate of chops.
(It was a sad moment since they snatched the chops! On the bright side, I poured the grease all over me and had a wonderful time licking it of. I was so tasty! I was GORGEOUS!

I ate two halves of two dinners of two PL's friends. They should have guarded them better. Their fault.
I washed countless plates.

Just between us - do you know that empty cheese package which was found under the sofa? Well,  initially it wasn't empty! Now it is.

Simply, I did my best!

I admit, I got a breakfest everyday. And snack. And lunch. And dinner. But it hardly counts. Do you know how much running there is around the Pack Land?
You just really build a healthy appetite, none can blame for that :-)

Besides, it was GREAT!!!

Do you happen to have some food, Sir?
Dotty is just excited, no matter what

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