Thursday, 7 May 2015


Our PL was late today.
Participation on Grand Openning, she says.

I can understand that.
Grand Opennings are very important events.

I witness several of them daily, and each and every one is GREAT experience!

Take for example the Grand DOOR Openning.
Very important.
Very exciting.

My PL goes to the garden door every morning and OPENS it!
Sure, I have access to the garden all the time, through the small dog-door, but that is not the same.
It just does not compare to that magnificent feeling, when your Pack Leader personally opens the door for you!
It is just like the whole world opened before your eyes!

You need tu RUN OUT like a bullet, hit the door frame, slide on the floor, step on Dorotka´s tail and bark your head of, so that all the cats in the neighborhood know, you are OUT THERE!

Another good example is Grand FOOD TIN Opennning!
The most important of them all.
The best of the best.

You are waiting in the kitchen
Dancing with excitement.
Tounge hanging out.
Drooling like Pavlov´s dog.

You are watching every single PL´s move, not to miss the crucial moment.

And then it comes....POP!!!
The bestest sound in the world.

I just hope the Grand Openning my PL was visiting today just as exciting.
I doubt it, though :-)

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