Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Some of us dogs have a special gift.
They are super dogs.
Like me, for example.

My main super power is telescosnout.

I will have to work on that name a bit.

Anyway, it is simply my telescopic snout, which - in total violation to all laws of nature - is able to extend to reach the places, which could be (and in many cases USED TO BE) considered unreachable.

Unfortunately, one of my PL's super powers is moving the most interesting items (such as FOOD and RUBBISH BINS) just out of the current reach of my telescosnou...snoutosco....out of my reach.

Never mind, I am working on it.

This is the "easy peasy" level. For Dotty this is the "pro" level, of course.

This requires a little more motivation.
Like somebody's dinner left there for 30 seconds, 
while the careless person pops to the kitchen to get some water.

People who visit for the first time sometimes wonder, why is the rubbish bin on the window sill.
I guess you do not wonder, do you?

Levels "Easy Peasy" - "Leftover bread" - "Ham sandwich" - "Out of reach (so far)"
The alternative to the "ham sandwich" level is "to surprise cat by sniffing her bum,
when se least expects it".
Great fun it is!

Only my PL somehow always knows I climbed that high.
No idea, how she does it. She is simply Super PL.

Pozn. The overturned armchair MIGHT be a clue, Jenny. Think about it. Your Super PL.

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