Sunday, 17 May 2015


All is back to normal now.
Except of all the exciting things which happen all the time, of course.

Like today.
I am happily chilling at our Pack Land.

Spring is all around.
Various flowers I mustn't tread on are also all around.
So I tread on them all the same.
Difficult to avoid them when you have four legs.

Sweet little birds and chirping in the bushes. (This is edited version for my PL. The truth is, they are vicious little buggers and if they weren't unjustly advanced by those flyi-flappers, I would have crunched the lot ages ago!)

Anyway, so I am sitting here, having my photos taken, so that you can all see how beautiful and intelligent I am, when...

....suddenly I see something at the corner of my eye...I look closer..couldn't believe it at first, but it is true..THERE IS A DOG IN THE GARDEN NEXT DOOR!!!

On MY next door garden, where nobody ever is.

And what is worse - she looks just like ME?!!

So I barked my head off. Yelled at her with all the decibels I could master.
Dorotka helped as well.
And what do you think?
She yelled at US!
Saying what the hell are we doing on HER next door garden!

Total disgrace!

On top of that, our PLs didn't let us to sort this out nose to nose.
I would have told that moulting carpet of a dog what's what.
Well, I would not tell her, since I do not speak, of course.
But she would have got the message, grrrr!

Actually, I won in the end.
The whole party next door, including that black heckler, had packed up and left.
Just before I manage to dig a big enough hole under the fence.
Never mind, it is there, ready for the next time.

There. There she is! Do you see that insolent expression on her face?!

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