Friday, 1 May 2015


I wish I could tell you I hunted a deer today.
Or that I bravely defended our house against the vicious attack of dangerous passers by.
Or that I caught dozen mice.
Or that I burgled the cupboard and ate eight cat food pouches...

...allright, I admit it. The last statement is true.

It was entirely their fault, though. The cats. They should have watched their food.
And the cupboard should not have opened on its own, when I - totally accidentally - stuck my paw into it.
That cupboard was supposed to hold its ground. It is its duty, isn't it?

Anyway, if we forget the Eighth Pouches Case, otherwise I spent the day sleeping on the windowsill.
As I am right now.

Digesting those pouches.
We are going to our Pack Land tomorrow, so I must built my strength.

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