Thursday, 21 May 2015


We went to the MICE MEADOW today!

Just when I almost forgot what does it look like there (and when I ALMOST forgot all the commands I was able to react to), we went back there.

To see mices!

There ARE still there!
And they have big new holes, look!!

There were many new things, actually.

Take the buzzers, for example.

They fly from flower to flower, buzz, provoke me and my PL forbids me to catch them.
She says they would give me a jab in my nose and it would swell like a balloon.
Well, my PL would not lie to me. Probably. But still, I am planning to put this to a test.
No luck catching one so far, though. I will keep you posted.

There are flowers on my meadow, too.
Basically a colorfull grass.
My PL wanted to take a photo of me.

First I didn't sit.
My PL told me off.

Then I sat.
ON the flowers.

And was told off again.
Sometimes, it is really difficult to please, I can tell you!

And then I discovered VIOLETS!
Their scent was divine.
Like a rich GRAVY!!!
And they tasted like gravy as well!*
I really like violets, you know.

But the main thing is I was back on MY MEADOW!

I am such a happy dog today!!

*) If you know a better way how to achieve a shot of a dog with her snout buried in a bunch of violets, rather then spray them with gravy, just let me know. 
The Cunning PL.

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