Friday, 8 May 2015


Our PL left us!
She left her pack!
Her faithful pack!!

I had my suspicions when I saw her taking out that nasty red thing, she always takes with her, when she goes away.
And she went away.

At least she arranged some company for me and Dorotka.
Monika and Annie will cuddle us and play with us and give us treats and share their dinner with us, if we stare at them really intently.
It is our little secret, since our PL would put a quick stop to it, if only she knew. Which she does not.

So, it is not all that bad.
But is not the same without our Pack Leader.

She said she will be back in a week.
I don't know how long the week is, though. So I will be looking out for her every day.
Maybe a week is the same as tomorrow.

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