Monday, 18 May 2015


I mention Dotty every now and then but thinking about it, I have not yet properly introduced her to you.
So, let's fix it: Meet Dorotka

She is actually part of our pack longer then I am but we do not mention that, alright? The important thing is that I am the BOSS.
Well, almost the boss, of course, if we count our PL.
Dorotka is the third on the pack ladder.

Such a scared, worried mouse it was, when our PL got her from the shelter.

There was a wise old Zara in the pack then. For a little while, we were three black dogs there. We could have formed a cool revival band.

Now we are only two and as I said I am the boss. Only my games are sometimes a bit rough and our PL has to remind me occasionally, that I can't roll Dorotka on the floor or tread on her. Of course I only do it when I forget myself. No harm intended.

Dorotka and Zara
After all, Dotty is a little one but my, she can bark! When she puts her heart into it, the windows rattle.

Also, if she was not a part of our pack, I would have nobody to be a boss of. Which would be real shame, since I am so good at it!

I just wish I was also allowed to go to bed with our PL, as Dotty is.
I am very good in bed warming.
And I am excellent in waking people up.

You just stick your snout in their face, lick them and jump a bit on their chests and they are awake in no time.
Well, more like at 3 am.
Which is a very proper time to go outside and bark a bit...when you think of it.

The Pack of Three

Nice game of "I bite you, you bite me, we are happy family".

Dotty may sleep in bed and I DON'T! NO FAIR!

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