Tuesday, 5 May 2015


My PL has still dodgy leg, so we do not go for walkies.

I run around the garden a lot but I am looking forward to chase some mice again sometimes soon.

I do have a complaint, though.
Life is not fair.
It is a dog´s life.
Life is - terrible to say - good only to cats.

Well, the FOOD is, to be precise.
And life and food is basically the same.

Take today, for example.

My PL finished eating and left a bit of a soup in her bowl.
One would assume, it is there for doggie to finisih it of, right?
No decent human being could think of anything else, right?

So, I am getting ready to fulfil my dog duty and suddenly I notice CAT IS EATING IT!!!

Hey, it is NOT FAIR!!!!

Whatever is left on the table is there for little good doggies.
Look, how sad I am looking!

Well, to cut the long story short...
I didn´t get any soup.
I love my PL, but IT IS NOT FAIR!
I am going to sulk on the sofa.
There is someting on the table!
And CAT is eating it!
It was not for the doggie?

For good, little doggie?
It is not fair :-(
P.S. Maybe it seems I am complaining all the time. No true. I am just faitfully reporting the events. It was a beef broth in that bowl. So do not tell me, YOU would not go sulking on the sofa!

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