Sunday, 24 May 2015


My ancestors were wolfs.
The ran free as a wind on empty planes and their tales were waving in the wind.
The howl romantically at the moon.
They were lying at their first human pack leader's feet and warmed themselves at the campfire.

Basically, that's what I still do.

Well, except of the running on wild and empty planes, since my PL won't let me run there on my own.
And except of the wind. I don't like wind. It messes up my fur.
And - of course - minus the romantic howling, since who would spend night howling to the moon, when you can sleep on the sofa inside.

But campfire...camfire, that's different.
Since campfire means WURSTS!!!

My ancestors knew why they joined a human pack.
You can't hunt wursts in the forest.
And wursts are GREAT!

Excuse me, is that wurst free?
Come on, I know there is one for me!
Dotty, behave casually and let's move!

I have to point out that my PL uploaded all the photos on which I am licking my lips, which is very far from reality. In fact, there is also number of photos on which I am staring or drooling uncontrollably!
But we got a wurst each in the end, so I am cool!

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