Tuesday, 5 May 2015


This is my bed I DID NOT sleep in!
My PL locked me out!

Actually, what happened was that the lock on our dog-door to the garden was turned into wrong position. Let me out, didn´t let me in.

I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking "Hey, I feel like going for a litle romp outside."

I got out as usual.

I sniffed around a bit.
Barked at some cats, which weren´t there, but could have been!

Then I casually strolled back, easy peasy...WHAT THE HELL?!!
I probed the dog-door with a snout...nothing.
I smack it with a paw...no effect at all!

The door did not open
Nobody heard me.

I spent long and lonely night on the porch.
All alone, forgotten.
Poor abandoned doggy.

Curled under the roof, on the double folded feather blanket.
Under which there is a thick mattress.

All right, all right, it was warm and comfortable and cosy...
the point is I wanted to go HOME to join my pack!

My PL was extremely apologetic in the morning, when she discovered me outside, although she spoilt it a bit by pointing out it was actually my own fault.
If I hadn´t gobbled that awful shit yesterday, there was no need to shut the dog-door and she would not have made that mistake when opening them again for one-side traffic only.

Shame on you, my beloved PL, how can you blame the victim! Surely, that is a very poor taste!

Anyway, I will stay inside on my dog bed, even if dozens of cats are mating right on the poorch tonight!

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