Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I love this trip!
Everybody else was a bad dog. And I wasn´t!

It started when we arrived.
There was a bit of chaos, people, dogs, the puppy...and suddently we realized Dotty is missing.
So our PL went to search for her and found her casually strolling around a neighbour´s garden. She did not even move an ear when called.
Well, I WOULD move an ear!

Then there was all the playing with a pup and his people were giving us treats any my PL was telling them off for not asking me to sit down first.
But I sat down anyway, sometimes.
Such a GOOD DOG I am!

But the best moment was yet to come!
We went for a walk to the big garden and there were CHICKENS!
Just running free, all over the place.
And I did not chase them.
And puppy did.
And it did not stop, when called!
It was a BAD PUPPY!

P.S. Well, I did not chase them, since I was on the leash and my PL had to fight hard against my pull, but these are insignificant details, not worth mentioning at all. The important thing is that the puppy was a BAD DOG and I was not!

P.S.2 All right, I did try to jump into the pond to chase some ducks, I admit it. But my PL managed to drag me away, so it does not count!

P.S. 3: And it was simple misuderstanding, me eating the food left on top of a kitchen table. I just assumed it was left there for me. Anyone can make a mistake, so let´s not talk about it any more, right?

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