Wednesday, 22 April 2015


You know what?
I am ALMOST there!

I run around, sniff here, sniff there, but when my PL calls she no longer needs to yank the leash.
Here, have a look how GOOD dog I am!

(All right, all right, I know - the video is in portrait format and it is wrong. What do you expect, I am only a dog, after all!)

There are even moments when I come back without called.
Just like that.
Just to check my PL is fine and still there.
And so that she could give me some TREAT.

Twice I smelled a DEER.
And not once I took off like mad.

Once I saw a DOG!
And my PL told me to go back and I went back.

I am beginning to be as good as an angel.
When I am on leash, that is.

My PL says, now it is up to her.
She says, there is some psychological barrier, which keeps her from letting me to run free.
I looked around but there was no barrier to be seen.
None at all.

I am confident, my PL will manage to overcome this, though.
She is very clever and she is mine!

The only thing I am not yet that good at is to "stay".
I only manage to stay for about 3/4 of the leash lenght.
Then, when I see my PL getting far, far away...
and my beloved FOOD getting far, far away with her...
...I just have to get up and follow them.

Well, nobody is perfect!
So far!!

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