Wednesday, 15 April 2015


No walkies today.
My PL went hunting, came home late but with lots and lots of food.
Which is cool.
Since walk is good but FOOD is BETTER!

But then it was really weird.

PL opened a tin.
Dotty and me came running.
I know the drill, so I am cool, I know what is required.

So, I start with "sit" and "lie down" and I make big eyes...
Easy peasy. Especially the eyes trick.
My speciality.
I am REALLY good at making big eyes!

So I am sitting and looking and waiting...
Just absolutely NOTHGING!!!

My PL is holding FOOD, I can smell how delicious it is and NOTHING.
"FETCH BALL", says PL.
Ball? What the hell is ball?
Maybe it means sit down.
It does not.
So...maybe it is lie down?
Sit and then lie down?

What is happening?! I want my FOOD!

What is this annoying yellow thing doing here?
It is in the way, I cannot see the food.
I will roll it away, like this...
and my PL is overjoyed and I get FOOD!

I worry my PL is mad.
Come on, let´s just take it easy, shall we?
I will sit down. Lie down. Sit - lie - make eyes. Lying down. Still lying down. Nothing.
PL is staring at that ugly, annoying yellow thing.

You can´t be serious?!
Really, all you want is for me to touch it with my nose?
Are you sure?
Allright then, if that is what you wish for...nudge, nudge...


So, my dear friends, let me to introduce you to yet another food-switch.

It is called: "The ball, Jenny, the BALL, you silly dog!" and you are expected to nudge it a bit.
Here it is:

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