Monday, 20 April 2015


Quite frankly, my hopes weren´t high.

It was raining outside, gloomy and grey, it did not look like walkies weather.
Maybe there will be no more mice meadow walks.

There! There it was! I almost got it!!
And you know what?!
We did go OUT!
To the meadow!
To chase micesss!!!

I carefully checked all promising mice holes.
Once I almost caught a MOUSE!
It did escape in the end but I am sure I really scared her.
At least I think so.
If only mice digged wider tunnels.
Or if my snout was wee longer.
Teda aspoň si to myslím.

My PL was trying some new miraculous towel on me.
It is supposed to dry a wet doggy. Completely.
Well, at the start, I was wet on the back and my belly was dry and the towel was damp.
At the end, I was damp all over the dog and so was the towel.
I guess it was a draw.

Fortunately my PL likes the "wet dog" scent, she says.
So we are both happy.

P.S. Do you know you can actually write me a comment bellow? I like reading fan mail! :-)

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