Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Just between you and me, my PL is goofing off this pack day.

No buiscuit walk.
No sniffing and chasing insolent mice.

On the other hand, it is true that it is pouring down.
I checked it about twenty times.
However, rain at the back garden does not necessary mean it is also raining in the front. Or on the mice meadow. Or does it?

At last, dinner has improved my day.
Dotty got hers in her bowl and I had to do a floor excercise, though.
Sit and lie down. Sit and lie down...
I felt like a rookie at the army camp.

(Mmmmm...ROOKIE! That´s a though!)

But I got a handful of food every time, so not so bad in the end.

Twice my PL did not ask me to sit.
She just looked at me.
I looked at her.
She looked at me...

So I sat down to remind her that she forgot to ask me to.
And she was really excited and gave me extra BUISCUIT! GREAT!
(I just hope she is not becoming senile prematurely).

And then the best moment came.
I got a TIN to lick it clean.
I already gave up hopes that tin-times are coming back and suddenly such a joy!

I was so happy I took a tin with me to the garden and left it there. Never mind, it will still be there tomorrow.

Tummy full of delicious food AND buiscuits, tin waiting for me in the garden, to sum it up this turned out to be a really successful day. Even without mice hunting.

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