Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I am GPS dog.

And I have my blog.

I won´t get lost in fog.

Even if I jog.

Well, to be totally honest - it is no match for a good old doggie nose.
All I need to do is to sniff the air and I know that OVER THERE is my PL.
Or my FOOD.

However, my PL does not have a good old doggie nose, so she has GPS instead.
Well, I HAVE GPS instead.
It is sort of my PL´s external nose. Sort of.

For example here we are - me and my PL.
About 2 meters apart.

Actually, if you want to use this, my PL, you need to let me run FREE!
Just saying...

In any case, I am a dog of science and progress.
Dog for 21st century.
And the transmitter suits me, does it not?!
I am COOL!

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