Tuesday, 14 April 2015


...on the walkie front.
Well, except a nasty competition on the mice meadow. Just click on the picture to enlarge and you will see! Not one but three...eagles, vultures or whatever they are. I am sure they are after MY mice!
PL says they are just buzzards but I suspect she is just saying it to calm me down.

OK, I was checking on all mice and it seems we are cool. They are still plenty. They have mice-ways everywhere. Much watch out, though, so that those wingos do not get them before I do!

I am still more interested in everything around rather then in my PL.
Sure, I enjoy it when I get a buiscuit.
But to come for it...I need to be reminded by a twich of a leash.
There are just SO MANY interesting things around...!

So, here, just see how good looking I am in setting sun. I am not a good dog yet, but surely I am beautiful, right?

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