Wednesday, 29 April 2015


We went to our secondary Pack-Land for a few days.

I was looking forward to chasing cats and moles, but I had no idea how dramatic tasks are awaiting me!

Take the morning, for instance. It is necessary to wake our PL up.
The best way to do it is to stick your SNOUT in her face. You would not believe how happy the PL is, when you do it, especially when it is very early in the morning! She even starts wrestling with you. What a joy!
Then you stare majestically to the far horizons for a while.
And then you go to chase those cats.

II know how to walk down the stairs.

And Dotty does not. Snigger, snigger.

I am bad and spiteful dog, my PL says, and carries Dotty down herself.

Which is not fair.

I want to be carried as well!

Anyway, that was just a beginning.

There were intruders! They were attacking our Pack-Land from all sides!

DOGS walked pass our fence!
And worst of all - SCREAMING KIDS!
I am sure they were all after my food!

It required a valiant effort to stand our ground and save the Pack-Land from this attempted invasion.
It was touch and go, I can tell you!
Even Dotty took active part this time, just watch us:

You know, our Pack-Land is really great.
It just has TOO MANY sides.
You have to run all around.
And it is BLOODY FAR.

First, you furiously bark on one side.

And then...wait for it...wait for it...HERE I COME!!!

Speeding to the other side like a black jet!
Since I must bark just as furiously on the other side.
That is my pack duty and honor, of course.
If only they built a shortcut through the barn!

My PL said I am a clever girl, guarding a perimeter.
Well, actually, I was guarding my PL and my FOOD!

I feel my legs are warn out, surely they feel much shorter after all the running. I am turning into a dachshound!
So here is one dog face just for you and I am going to take a good long nap to restore the energy!

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