Monday, 27 April 2015


Well, it wasn´t.
I wish I knew whoever came up with such a nonsense.
I was raining ON CATS AND DOGS!!!

It was quite clear there is no chance for mice meadow today.
But maybe just a short walk?
Many insolents dogs around, I have not barked at for a while.

There was one brief moment of sunshine,
so our PL rushed me and Dorotka out....

Well, to cut a long story short,
two minutes later THIS started to fall:

It was so weird, I felt necessary to check if it is edible by any chance.
It wasn´t.

It was weird.
It was cold.
It was plenty.

Here you can see me slowly burried under this...thing.
I am barely visible anymore.
I am dissappearing forever!

Fortunately, my PL saved me in the very last minute, so it is not the end of this blog yet.
I just REALLY hope weather improves a bit.

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