Tuesday, 21 April 2015

DAY 17: DEER!!!

I was very good and clever girl today, I ate from a spoon and I learned how to "stay" but most importantly...DEER!!!

It was one of the best days in my life.

Firstly, we went for a walk. GREAT!
I don´t know how it happened but I was obedient!
I was the bestest girl in the town. Well, on the meadow, anyway.

I came EVERY TIME my PL called me.
Really, absolutely every - single - time.
I stayed EVERY TIME I was asked to "stay".

And just look at this!!!

It was no coincidence, I managed to stay twice before (and about five times I didn´t). I know, I know, even on this video I stood up before I was called but it was just because I already knew the drill so well.

And look, I can eat with a spoon. Am I not a clever girl?

But all this is so unimportant, compared to the biggest event of all.

I was just casualy walking around, sniff here, sniff there....thinking: "Hm, this statue smells weird!"
And all of sudden this huge, enormous DEER sprang up from behind the statue!!!

It was gigantic and had antlers like a bull.
Well, not like a bull. Bigger, much much bigger!
Of course, I started chasing it - you cannot expect even the most well trained dog of all to stand still under such circumstances, can you?

But I DID stop, when the leash did not let me to go any further. And I TURNED and ran back to my PL. Maybe it was related to the fact, that the deer disappeared into the forest by then. Maybe. Anyway, I was really GOOD GIRL, given the temptation.

I am so excited.
What might we see next time?
A deer, that is a serious upgrade compared to mice.
I will dream about bears tonight!!

P.S. My PL tells me you are sending me some Laikas on Facebook. So I just want to tell you that if some Russian space dog lands in my home, I will bite it!


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