Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Today I was fed manna from heavens!
Do you remember how I mentioned a rookie? We are getting there - today instead of buiscuits I was given some CHICKEN!

Not that it was enough to turn me away from all the other exciting things around. But when I ocassionally remembered, there is a Pack-Leader-Chicken-Vending-Machine around, it was FANTASTIC!


Until the moment this stupid tree wrapped itself in my leash.
It was increadibly wicked tree.
Just observe - a big meadow all around.
Miles of it.
And in the middle - A TREE.
It jumped right into my path. Sneaky bastard!
I was patient, actually.
Just standing and waiting if it realises its mistake and unwinds itself.
And what do you think? Did it unwrap itself?
Stupid vegetable.
My PL had to rescue me.
How humiliating!

It did not stop me looking really cool, thouhg. Here you can admire how photogenic I would be, in the golden evening light, if I was able to sit for a moment on one spot. Which I was not. Too bad.

Actually, I COULD HAVE sit and stay on one spot. But my PL has run out of the chicken by then.

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