Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Our pack has vast territory.
It is not just about guarding our windowsill and bark at insolent passers by.

On the pack days we sometimes go to our secondary pack-land.
(I can use complicated words, I chewed a dictionary once, I am an educated dog!)

There are sofas and barns and moles and FENCES.
Many many fences and PEOPLE walk by.
And sometimes DOGS, too. And worst of all - HORSES!!!

I can tell you, it is a tough job to guard it all, bark and run around.
It is not like at home, where I can bark my head of, just laying on the windowsill.

At our pack-land, you have to zoom from one side of the garden to the other in top speed!
Dotty sometimes cheats and takes a shortcut through the house.
I do not cheat, I run around like a good dog!
Which is not at all related to that unfortunate incident, when I tried to turn into the door in high speed and hit a door frame. Not at all!

When I am not running around and barking, I have another important role.
I guard the door.
No enemy shall pass.
Unless they step on me, of course.

Well, it was a demanding day but I managed to keep our pack safe.
Dorotka has already retired and I am going to join her.
Good night!

Dorotka always snuggles in bed

Heey! Let me in!

Come on!! Pleeease, let me in!!
Well, it took you a while!

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