Thursday, 23 April 2015


I would have liked to use capital D but I cannot, since the whole headline is written in capitals.
Nevertheless today was a memorable day. The BIGGEST DAY so far.

See this?
Do you know what it is?

Yes, that´s right. It is the end of my long leash.
And what else do you see?
Or rather do you NOT see?
You do not see any hand, since no hand is holding it!!

Today, I was let to run free for the first time.
Well, almost free, I was dragging the leash behind me.

I went this FAAAAAAAR!

And I was a very good girl, running back every time my PL called.
See the pictures?
Here I come.
Good, obedient doggy!

Shame there wasn´t more wind.
My ears and tail could have been romantically fluttering in the breeze.
Ah well, it was great day anyway!

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