Tuesday, 14 April 2015


My PL came home today in a very bad mood. Harsh as a sand paper.
I guess it is going to be a HPL day.

She told me off as soon as she walked through the door just because I was jumping on her, barking as mad, trampled on her feet and chased cats. Which I do always and normally it is no big deal.

So, to be on a safe side, I turned on "the most obedient and good black dog in the world" mode.

Being a good dog
I came everytime when called.
I sat down.
I even managed to "stay" a few times.
It only required a little pull of a leash, so that I remembered I wanted to be a good dog.

I guess it worked since by the end of the walk, my PL was her usual nice self and she scratched me and told me I am a good girl.

And she let me finish all the buiscuits she had in the pocket.
So, after all, it was GREAT DAY!

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