Friday, 17 April 2015


No walk today :-(
That is second day in a row!
The mice on MY meadow are having wild parties, I am sure!

No idea, what is happening.
Our PL was hunting yesterday and yet she came late again today.
A terrible thought occured to me.
What if she has some OTHER pack somewhere?!
What if she likes them more them me.
What if she feeds them MY FOOD?!

Wait, no, it is allright.
I sniffed her carefully and she had no hanky panky with strange dogs.
Uff, what a relief!

I was so hungry when she came at last, that instead of "sit-lie down" I was performing pushups.
I guess my PL felt sorry for me, so I got a tin to lick clean. Not so bad.

But tomorrow, tomorrow we will go chasing mice, won´t we?! Say we will!

Good night.

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