Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Well, that was weird walkies today!

It started great, as soon as my pack leader came home, we went for a trip. I totally forgot I was hungry. I would have loved to run like crazy but my PL (pack leader) was slowing me down. Boooring.

And then it started.

I am pulling like crazy, so that I can tell off that insolent dog behind the fence...and my leash stops me. I jump and pull a few times. Nothing. I bark. Nothing. Few more jumps. Absolutely nada. So I stand there and stare for a while.
Nothing more to do. Ah, well, let´s return to my PL, that´s about the only direction which is left.

"Hey, PL, why are we not walking further?"

And you know what?! I got a pat on a head and a BUISCUIT!!! No clue what is happenning but it is GREAT!

So I am zooming away and suddenly...stop. Leash stack again. Boooring. I stand, I stare, I try to pull, I stand some more, I stare some more. I return to my PL. And behold! Another BUISCUIT! This is COOL!!

True, the PL was murmuring something about me being a silly dog, that I did not work out the system long ago, but there is so much smells and annoying dogs and interesting people and cars...and everything. One cannot concentrate all the time.

We were almost back home when it dawned on me.
It is just a theory, I am not sure yet but I have this funny feeling that maybe, just maybe, when my PL stops and I return to her, I get a buiscuit. It sounds crazy, I know, but still...I must test it on the next walk!

I am going to lie down on the windowsill and think about it.

Yours Jenny.

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